I Pretended To Be Fake BOSS Deadpool In Fortnite

2021 17 ژانویه
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I Pretended BOSS Deadpool Was Added Back To Fortnite
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • The best way to spend 10k gold bars!! 😂(Pretending To Be EXOTIC Bosses! irworld.info/show/fy-lm-h-y/qImmibuEg9Zzlqo.html )

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    • Send me a gift from fortnite I'm watching your videos right now can you join me in play a couple rounds with me if I want to leave one day one can you get me a skin but I like do something can you get my skin in fortnite

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    • Cool

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    • Pretend to be npcs

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    • @Sulayman Gaafar yes pretty much I love wasting gold lol

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  • How do you get 10 K gold balls

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  • Which one better dead dualies hop rock dualies

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  • The people that you are trying to trick that you are bass should know that you are not the real boss because they could have seen the real boss the last game they played

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  • Deadpool attacks people as soon as he sees them

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  • When you said Deadpool just wants a friend kit Will be your friend 😂😂

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  • pretend to be sky in the shark

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  • Dead pool didn’t want to pay. So he stoke the hop rock dualies from “Cole”

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  • Yeah I know my idea would work its a very nice video bro

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