I Pretended To Be BOSS Mandalorian In Fortnite

2021 3 مارس
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I pretended to be the real Mandalorian boss in Fortnite to see how players would react!
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I Eliminated NEW Bosses As OLD Bosses In Fortnite
- Fortnite Unvaulted The Drum Gun.. So I Pretended To Be Midas
- I Pretended To Be EXOTIC Bosses In Fortnite
- I Eliminated All BOSSES In One Game In Fortnite
- I Pretended To Be ALL BOSSES In Fortnite
- I Protected All BOSSES In Fortnite
- I Set Up Traps At Vaults In Fortnite
- I Trolled Players At Vaults In Fortnite
(This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing)

  • Who thinks Fortnite should add more bosses?! 😲🔥

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    • I want the vaults back they were so funn

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  • Canvas actually work what's the app

  • Aimbot he hit every shot how

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  • 3:38 100 IQ PLAY

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  • 1:17 can't believe I felt for that.

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  • Bro all the players you fought are bots but nice vid 👍👍👍

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  • Why no smg that would be like his laster rifle thing

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  • Your cracked!

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  • Did anyone notice that when mandos piclaxe is his weapon

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  • Oh my days, Danny didn't even missed 1 short.

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  • Change your content pls bro every video in your channel is about a Fortnite boss or pretending to one,like who tf is gonna believe that flash is a boss 💀😂 well you don’t have to do a boss video every time lol

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  • Be boss ruckus

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  • You could pretend to be a aggressive menace

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  • 4:05 Not really bc he does not move around the map he just lives in that Star Wars location

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  • 7:12 WAS THE BEST

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  • he is just better than Mccreamy at sniping

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  • When u pretend to be a boss change ur name to mando or what ever boss u ar

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    • Mandolorian

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  • You should pretend that there is a boss lazerbeam

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  • Usa a smg pra finzir que o rifli blaster. E 11

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