I Pretended To Be BOSS Dr Doom In Fortnite

2020 3 سپتامبر
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I went to Dr Dooms location at Dooms Domain in Fortnite and pretended
to be the real Dr Doom boss to see how players would react!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

  • Pretending to be boss is BACK!!! 😃

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    • Good I mean good

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    • Good video your really goo at pretending to be bosses in fortnite

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    • @NoPicka La

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  • Yes

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  • I really miss playing Dr Doom powersI wish you came back so I can play with his powers just One last Time

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  • Its 2021

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  • every player you eliminate name has player and a number

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  • bro if you was boss Doctor Doom you could have did it like this if Doctor Doom see somebody he uses his bomb first not his goal it's so why did you use his golett's first you were supposed to use his repulsor goal is first

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  • Hi Danny few

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  • I have no Friends

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  • why did you do this to yourself, this is the most difficult thing you've done in your life

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  • 1:08 I was laughing so hard, those kind of people are so cute!!!

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  • ,,,,z4’

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  • All the person that got killed was probably raging like crazy😂 this is the most funniest video♥️

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  • This video made me laugh🤣

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  • Pretend to be boss wolverine

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  • I used your code i am a big fan

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  • 0:59 I agree 100%

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  • Danny Ftw I Feel Bad For You and Have 256k Subscribers

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  • Love your Video ❤️my comment

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  • Danny FTW Wolverine is So hard to Kill

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  • You are so cool

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  • I have Doctor Doom and I actually won the game using only the mystic bomb and the arcane gauntlets! I gotta be a high level to get Iron Man, which stinks.

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  • Your so good with the mythics

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  • My mum: Hey Victor, stop playing fortnite. Me in green cloak and metal mask: When I stop playing fortnite, there is no Victor, there is only Doom.

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  • 9:42 this proves for Nexiph that Boogie Bombs affect Henchmen and Bosses (A.I.)

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  • "oh my daise" love the line LOL

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  • It’s so hard because there’s only one boss right now. Hopefully more to come. I hate going into Doom’s house because it’s always on fire.

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    • Yeah i agree!!

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  • I don’t think dr doom uses the default pick axe he uses his own

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    • idk one time i just written that in the thumbnail and then decided to use it every time! 😂

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  • 😂 it said on fortnite when I tried to element doom it said element by dannyftw

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