I Pretended To Be BOSS Iron Man In Fortnite

2020 11 سپتامبر
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I went to Iron Mans location at Stark Industries in Fortnite and pretended
to be the real Iron Man boss to see how players would react!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing

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  • i have killed 3 players taking no dameg

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  • 8:42 Iron Mans power is better

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  • Why everybody you eliminate it's like player 843 why I don't know why when you eliminate someone it's player it's confusing for me I play for that by the way and for me it just says different names than player

    TOMMY2TONE DewysockieTOMMY2TONE Dewysockieپیش 5 ماه
    • She just says player this is so confusing they take everybody's names away or something I don't I'm just this is just so weird that it just says player every time you eliminate someone it's literally so confusing and weird

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  • You sound like ali a :) have a great day.

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  • 4:32 Fortnite is trolling you because you are a fake boss lol

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  • FTW : what you looking at henchmen henchmen: you carrying iron man

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  • they all say elimed player[ ], they be bots

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  • Man, your videos are awesome, i can't stress it enough. Use code DannyFTW guys :]

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  • FTW

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  • Stark robots are iron mans henchmen

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  • I am is the worst boss ever

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  • 6:29 Iron Man won the game

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  • Shut up

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  • Iron Man vs dr. doomvs Wolverinevs ghost and shadow henchman who will win if you are reading my comments in the day I am posting then add Midasto the battle

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