I Eliminated All Season 5 BOSSES In Fortnite

2020 2 دسامبر
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Finding and eliminating ALL New Mythic bosses in Fortnite Season 5!
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This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing


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    • Oh

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    • @FortniteGamer Boy actually it's ok and trash at the same time

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    • @Mohammad SAaleh that was gattu that said OH MY DAYS

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    • @VCG yeah proplaly

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    • Bet they comeback in season 6

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  • &^,?@

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  • Even I can kill the mandalorian if you’ve have gotten the mandalorian gun or jet pack your awesome 😎😀

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    • If you haven’t your still awesome 👏

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  • Ok details

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    • Hope you enjoy your holiday in life is good for you to the new York city of Edinburgh and Glasgow

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  • W L

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  • Wow

  • Imagine being him and saying oh my days every 10 seconds

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    • Like seriously

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  • I am more gold than that I have 10 K

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  • Rukas uses the rpg when someone is far

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  • The E-11 that mando uses lazers you

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  • your salty and toxic Danny ftw

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  • You are sniper king

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  • Nice season

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  • Go in the water

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  • I’m so sad that values are gone 😭

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  • I’m so sad 😭

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  • Maybe once you can pretend to be a I.O guard.

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  • Love your videos man you make me laugh all the time! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BRO

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  • Danny ftw let me show your face

  • Oh ok so there’s a weapon only love it

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  • Mandalorian has 1000 health

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  • 3:34

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  • I’m level hundred and fity

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    • Yet the most common thing about this

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  • Pretend to by mandolorin boss

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  • Hope you enjoy season 5 and have a good time and do amazing things!:)😀

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    • @Travis Goodwin have fun!

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  • New Danny upload hype!

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  • This season is so much better than the last one already

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    • I feel the same in evry season

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  • You play on Xbox I thought you played on pc

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  • I love this video thanks for making it

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  • It's funny when he says "oh my days" 🤣🤣

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  • I hate this season 5 who else

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  • 6:46 That is broken

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  • Love your vids

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  • The new mythic is op but heavy sniper does more damage to body and headshot

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  • Y did they vault safes

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  • Why did you not use baby yoda

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    • Oh how about next video you will put on baby yoda

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    • Everything was on random and i only realised at the end that it hadn't chose that back bling! :(

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  • Danny ftw can we play fortnite together

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  • Sorry Danny if vaults are gone and sorry if I’m late :(

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    • idk! :(

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  • I really enjoy this season!

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  • Hard is a sharif

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  • Danny is great. Always has a positive attitude in his videos and never gets upset!

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  • There's another npc boss at misty meadows

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    • Really?! There's so many npc's it's just impossible to find them all on the first day!

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  • Literally 99% wont see this but God bless you and stay safe, I’m struggling to get 1k with notis. 🥺

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