I Eliminated All Season 6 BOSSES In One Game Fortnite

2021 17 مارس
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Eliminating All Bosses And Getting All Mythic Weapons In One Game In Fortnite Season 6
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I Eliminated ALL Bosses As DIFFERENT Bosses In Fortnite
I Found Every MYTHIC Goldfish In Fortnite
- I Pretended To Be BOSS Mandalorian In Fortnite
- I Eliminated NEW Bosses As OLD Bosses In Fortnite
- I Eliminated All BOSSES In One Game In Fortnite
- Fortnite Unvaulted The Drum Gun.. So I Pretended To Be Midas
- I Pretended To Be ALL BOSSES In Fortnite
- I Protected All BOSSES In Fortnite
- I Set Up Traps At Vaults In Fortnite
- I Trolled Players At Vaults In Fortnite
(This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing)

  • SEASON 6!!! 😲❤️

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    • Kale,sosss,s,Stu and dish’s,as

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  • I’m going to go log on Fortnite and I will kill all of the bosses.l

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  • This IRworldr is the best I love the new Jonsey skin and I have the Secret Jonesy skin.

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  • The boss at spire is a girl

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  • Started fortnite I can't believe it season 6 I just started fortnite I can't believe it I'm so happy I've never know I don't know if this is a lot of pain in his Survivor season but this is so cool I hope it's you on my chapter thing where you go see the love of it cuz I wasn't born

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  • Cameron

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  • I love Agent Jonsey

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  • I hope your doing great!

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  • What’s up man I haven’t seen you in a year and 3 month

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  • Jonsey is a hip poper at the intro

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  • Season 6 is one of the best season

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  • Wow! I didn’t know there was a boss at other places! Thanks!

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  • You're lowkey cracked with the bow bro. I, like many other people, suck with it lol

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