Fortnite But The Mythic Goldfish Spawn Rate Is 1,000,000%

2021 5 مارس
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What Happens When One Player Gets FIVE Mythic Goldfish At MAX Height In Fortnite!
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- I Trolled Players At Vaults In Fortnite
(This video is Family Friendly and contains no swearing)


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    • I know OMG and u almost won

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  • I found a mythic goldfish before even though we still lost I still found five of them

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  • i got 1

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  • I have found 2 goldfish in 1 game that wasn't even in floor of lava

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  • Bruh if ou look at the Time 2:20 he dealt 1 damage to peely like bruh

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  • I found a mithyic goldfish and I died😡

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  • I didn’t even get it

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  • Yes I have I found 7

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  • Just take it don't me a ring out what it comes out he say are you dumb do it kitten is it if you don't it's going to come I'll just take it

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  • Are use your code and most of the time I don’t really know how to log on con

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  • I have found the method goldfish many times

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  • I have it now!!!

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  • I’m actually upset he hasn’t hit a million subs cause he puts so much effort in his videos and he really deserves it ps I’d love to do a collab

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  • There is a new Midas skin her name is Merigold you should use her and pretender is a new boss

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  • that was sooooo coolll

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  • Not smart to grapple onto a floor below you cause you will still take fall damage from the impact.

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  • Best thing in the video is Oh my days

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  • 1:18 Did this guy just say: “an unlimited grappler” Like, bruh... THATS A HARPOON

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  • I caught the mythic gold fish this season!!!

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    • True it’s not it the game

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    • Your a lied

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  • I got the mythical goldfish

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  • I just saw your name and there was a word called ftw and I know what that word is what the. ××××

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  • nice and interesting video i think no one did this before

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  • I’ve never held a mithic gold fish

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  • 0:35 I have found it so many times in the floor is lava

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  • I have but it was hard to find

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  • I am faond mthck goldn fesh

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  • Yes I found 30

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    • There is a glitch to get infinity goldfish

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  • I found it

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  • Are you hacking bro?

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  • Now way he hit him to 6000 years into the future how did he hit him from MAX HEIGHT

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  • I did in a nuduhr game

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  • U must have amazing aim

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  • I found a mythic goldfish before and it kicked me out of the game when there was one more player left because when I used it to get illuminations I had 20 and fortnight did not Like that because they thought I was in body

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    • Hopefully you can find it again and win! 😁

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  • Fun fact: someone made internet without internet

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